Moti's death was preventable. If Wildlife SOS was made aware of Moti’s condition sooner, our veterinarians likely could have saved him. We, the undersigned, respectfully request the government take action to protect all captive elephants in India through required bi-annual inspections and veterinary certificates of health. Please sign this petition and speak for other elephants like Moti who don’t have a voice.

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Full Petition Statement - Moti's Death Was Preventable

The tragedy is compounded by the fact that Moti was only 35 years old.

Moti’s physical condition at the time his legs gave out was shocking. It didn’t need an expert to spot that Moti needed urgent and timely medical attention and the delay in addressing his medical situation compounded by severe lack of skilled veterinary care led to a very painful end for this young elephant.

As per Indian law, Wildlife Protection Act 1972, it clearly states that the Chief Wildlife Warden of each state has to satisfy himself / herself about the capability of private elephant owners to care for the elephant that they have an ownership certificate for. This includes the ability of the owner to providing housing, shelter, nutrition and veterinary care.  

This is a great law and very progressive, however, when such a law is not enforced and implemented on the ground, elephants get neglected which results in painful and abusive situations.

India’s national treasures - our precious elephants face neglect and painful deterioration of their health due to lack of proper care.  Moti is one such stark example of what lack of care can do to a healthy young elephant.

We respectfully request that the Environment Minister, Project Elephant and ADG Wildlife kindly take action to protect all elephants currently in captivity by reemphasizing that

  1. All Chief Wildlife Wardens to carry out physical verification of all private Elephants and their owners bi-annually and assess their capability to care for and maintain their Elephants in good health. 
  2. Require bi-annual veterinary certificates of health to be provided by veterinarians authorised by Chief Wildlife Warden and experienced in the care of elephants and wildlife to the Forest Department in order to maintain ownership rights.

Wildlife SOS is willing to do its part.  We are willing to commit to conducting free training camps and workshops on elephant care and evaluation at our facilities to expand the number of veterinarians and medical access for elephant owners.

We must prevent the suffering of our beloved elephants who mean so much to India and the world.