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Take action to save leopards from a cruel, slow death

Maharashtra has the third largest population of leopards in India, yet one leopard dies every two days in the state. According to the Wildlife Protection Society of India, 95 leopards died in Maharashtra in the first six months of 2021. One factor, amongst many, putting the lives of these majestic felines at risk are the open wells that dot the landscape of rural India. Action to address these open wells, some still in use and others dried up, is long overdue. Will you join us?

These wells lack any sort of markings that would alert an unsuspecting animal or human, and the outcome is often fatal. Wildlife SOS has seen an alarming increase in the number of animals that have been falling into open wells, specifically in Pune District of Maharashtra. These open-pit-like wells can be either dry or filled with dirty water, and some are as much as 60 feet deep! 

Once it has fallen into one of these abysmal wells, an animal can drown, starve to death, and even permanently injure themselves. India's open wells take the lives of countless animals: in the past few years, we’ve rescued leopards, bears, owls, hyenas, reptiles, and more. 

The photo above shows the latest incident, one of several rescue operations Wildlife SOS has taken in the past month alone. This particular leopard was a 4-year-old male leopard, who thankfully survived.

The open wells in Pune are of particular danger to Indian leopards, a vulnerable species threatened with extinction.

To prevent any more animals from falling victim to open wells, we're asking the District of Pune Collector to identify and cover high risk wells so that the lives of people and wild animals — like this poor leopard — are not further jeopardized. Your signature could help save them!

Join the thousands of other people who took a stand to protect India's precious wildlife!


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Campaign Manager
Wildlife SOS