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Ban walking of captive elephants on Indian roads to protect them from accidents!

Lakshmi is a severely crippled elephant. Some of her wounds and injuries are likely from road accidents sustained while walking and begging on Indian roads.

Sadly, hundreds of elephants are killed or injured and suffer in road accidents each year. These tragedies occur because elephants, although large in size, are hard to spot by drivers because of their gray color. This is especially true at night when elephants are walking through fog and on poorly lit roads.  When elephants are forced by their owners to walk on these roads to beg, the Tarmac damages their soft foot pads permanently. 
Illegal elephant trafficking and smuggling also occurs at night when elephants without ownership documents are walked in the highways across state borders to evade enforcement authorities under the cover of darkness. This is also when road accidents occur resulting in death or serious injuries resulting in leaving elephants crippled like lakshmi. 
Take action now! Sign the petition to help elephants!

Delhi and Mumbai have taken action to ban elephants in their cities.  It is time that other states implement similar laws that protect both elephants and drivers. Demand that the government take action and ban elephants from walking on India’s streets. Your signature will help prevent elephants like Lakshmi from a lifetime of debilitating injuries.  

Take action now! Sign the petition to help protect elephants from dying on Indian roads!

Sign the petition and take action now!

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